Evanescence Technology (EVA)

As displayed below, EVA combines the strengths of ELISA and rapid test platforms (lateral flow):



How does the EVA TECHNOLOGY work?

ELIONOVA's technology works by generating an evanescent field of exciting light (635nm) at the bottom of the well that has a depth of around 200 nm. This is larger than the dimensions of a typical protein with 5 to 10 nm size. In the sandwich assay shown, an analyte captured at the bottom of the well is then detected by an antibody labelled with a fluorophore. When such a flurophore enters the Evanescent Field, it can absorb light and then emit light of a longer wavelength. The emitted light leaving the device through the bottom is recorded in real time. Binding curves are visualized as fluorescent signal per time and interpreted according to standards. Specificity is strongly increased by the time resolution as non-specific signals remain constant over time.

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